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Sharon Stone Brought Her Nipples To The Oscars, Other Body Parts Previously Viewed 23.Feb.2009

Haven't felt a thing since 1985Yikes. I don't know what looks stiffer - her face, her hair or her nips. Either she's really cold or they're stuck like that. Is that what happens when they reposition them?

Sharon didn't actually go to the awards ceremony, although she could have; if they let Miley Cyrus in, they'd let an aging meateater in. She may not have done a decent movie in years, but she did earn her place in movie history with that nasty growler of hers. Since Basic Instinct that thing has gobbled up men both large and small, only meeting its match at the San Diego Zoo on Phil's birthday.

These days good parts are hard to come by, and Sharon does her best to stay busy between tucks and visitation days, but girlfriend is hungry. She needs to find her very own personal Jesus and keep him on a little red string. Oh, and she needs a little tune-up; she's looking a little tired around the eyes.