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Sharon Stone Definitely Has A Better Plastic Surgeon Than Meg Ryan 30.Apr.2009

Defying age and gravityWho do you think looks younger? Would you believe that Sharon is four years older than Meg Ryan? I know, I know, it just doesn't seem right.

Sure, it could just be genetic. It could be that Sharon is a pillar of healthy living and Meg lives on Fritos and Devil Dogs. It could even be that one's getting it and one isn't - good sex can do wonders for a cougar's face. But I think we're being too kind here.

If I was an aging Hollywood starlet and needed a referral for a good surgeon for a little tune-up, I'd be knocking on Sharon's door. Whoever she's got working on her is tops in the field. She looks like she's lost some weight recently; usually that will make an older woman look haggard. Remember Madge before Sticky & Sweet and the Oscars? She whittled her body down to gristle and bone, then either had a good peel or a bucketload of filler injected. Perhaps both. It took years off her face, though. Only trouble is, once you start that stuff, you have to keep doing it because the effects wear off. Maybe that's what happened to Meg. That shit is expensive, and she hasn't had a hit movie in years.