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Look What The Cat Dragged In: Paris Hilton Bags Adrian Grenier, Learns That D-listers Taste The Same As Greek Shipping Heirs. 13.Aug.2007

Have a toke and a smileAh, that poor boy. Did no one warn him of the dangers of swimming in Lake Lesion?

At first I thought this and other paparazzi shots of these two together was just random media-whoring. After all, who does it better than Paris, and perhaps showing a newbie the ropes is part of her new campaign of giving back to the world that's given her so much. But then I saw yet another picture of Paris batting that wonky eye his way. Perhaps he's under the mistaken impression that being seen with her will help his fledgling career instead of making him a sexual pariah before he's 30. Hope he learns before it burns.

In other Paris news, telephotoed pictures of Paris toking a doobie have hit the net yet again. I fail to see the big deal in it all. Yes, she lied on Larry King Live when she said she didn't do drugs and never has. Did you really expect her to do anything else? At least she's trying to hide it when the cameras are around. I just hope she remembers to feed all those dogs.