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Star Jones Lets Al Pick Out Her Outfit 15.May.2007

Send in the clown Al knew he was going to get it for this one, but it was just too good to pass up.

Star Jones-Reynolds, when are you going to go away? Nobody likes you. Do you know how hard your agent had to work to get you that gig on Court TV?

Star, Al and Star's extra 20 pounds of skin now resort to crashing parties to get their picture in the tabloids. At one recent event, they were said to be "grinding" (eww!!), with Al's hand on top of Star's head ... is that what they call a kickstand? I have to go wash my hands.

At least she's mostly covered up this time. Star in a sleeveless gown is like a soup sandwich with a side of bingo wingo. There's shit flying everywhere.

This is what I want to know: What does she have on Big Gay Al, who's so obviously big and gay and not digging that mess? The Happy Couple "It burns! It burns! Make it stop! Make it stop! I wanna go home ..."