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Kathie Lee Gifford Has Sound Advice For Tilda Wall Spitzer On Dealing With A Wandering Dick 15.Jun.2008

Kathie LeeJust do what she says and not what she's done; if Kathie Lee gets any more work done she's going to look like Jocelyn Wildenstein. For those too young to remember Live with Regis & Kathie Lee, it was the ultimate morning show. Today and Good Morning America couldn't touch it.

Then Kathie Lee was stricken by two major events that forever changed her life. Her contract with Live came up at a time when she was experiencing some success in her singing career. When negotiations fell through, Kathie Lee left the show, certain that her talents were finally getting the recognition they deserved. She was doing pretty well when disaster struck: The National Enquirer went public with the details of her husband, Frank's affair with a flight attendant. The fact that the tabloid paid the floozy to entrap Frank escaped no one; the Giffords went underground to recoup, and are still together today.

Now Kathie Lee has some pearls of wisdom she'd like to share with Eliot Spitzer's betrayed wife, Silda. "Trust takes one second to lose and a lifetime to build," says Kathie Lee. "She's not humiliated. He is." True that. Somehow, however, I think Silda will handle her scandal much better than Kathie Lee has - and without all the Botox.