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Which Dora The Explorer Do You Like? Way To Go, Nickelodeon. First Jamie Lee And Now This. 09.Mar.2009

This Dora needs to stay home and studyThat's not to say that Nickelodeon condones teen pregnancy or promiscuity. They just don't mind promoting it, especially if it helps ratings. They're still airing reruns of Zoey 101 (which by the way was not a bad show).

But this Dora makeover idea is not a good one. If you've got kids you know Dora - she's the intrepid little explorer who drags her friends and manic little monkey (Blargh! Hate monkeys!) through rivers, valleys and jungles in search of some thing or another each episode. Like Sesame Street before it, Dora also sneaks in a little Spanish lesson for white bread America, all set to catchy tunes and graphics. It's definitely one of the more watchable preschool shows.

But what makes Dora work is that she is portrayed as a peer to these little ones, not a saucy Latina hottie more suited for sex ed than simple geography. You don't need a map to understand where that Dora is going, and it's a ridiculously poor role model for school age kids. Having said that, the picture here is from Gallery of the Absurd and may exaggerate certain body traits in order to underscore this point: Leave Dora alone! Deje a Dora en paz! Viejos stupidos.