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Kate Gosselin Will Beat Her Kids Any Damn Time She Wants To. It Always Kept Jon In Line 17.Jun.2009

If I have to get out of this chair ...What a terror this woman must be to her family when the cameras are off. The media has created a furor over her spanking one of her kids for blowing a whistle when she was on the phone (probably with her agent or a talk show producer; you know she's lobbying for her own show) . The self-absorbed beast was being nice when she swatted her daughter, Leah, on the ass for not listening to her. Hell, if the paparazzi weren't around she probably would've backhanded the kid across the front lawn.

As a mom I can understand wanting to discipline an unruly child, and sometimes kids can really push your buttons. But in a day and age where parents are getting arrested in Wal-Mart for whacking their kids when they pitch a bitch ... and you know cameras are following you everywhere ... I'd think twice before dishing out any corporal punishment in public. Hell, a lot of kids these days will threaten to turn their parents in if they hit them. It's all a big joke, unless it's the real deal. Then there's nothing funny about it.

I wouldn't go so far as to say that Kate Gosselin is a child abuser, but she does look like she rules her world with an iron fist. I bet Jon is still jumping at shadows and sleeping with the lights on wherever he is. He should use the footage against her when they go to court.