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Why Do You Think Fergie Hates Lindsay So Much? Why Won't She Trust Her Around Her Boyfriend? 28.Feb.2008

Let's get this over withYou'd think with the same orange spray tan and yarn-o-licious hair extensions they'd have a lot to talk about, but you'd be wrong. Check out the body language in this picture. Fergie would rather be anywhere but standing next to Lindsay - she probably reeks of vodka - but at least she can keep an eye on her this way. And Lindsay, attention whore that she is, is hoping to get her usual 10 to 15% cut from the photographer, I mean, is desperate to be taken seriously as a musician and thinks this will help.

Fergie may have the butterface, but that girl can sing. She also has a funky, sexy sense of style - even when she looks bad, it's a cool kind of bad, like she can get away with it because she's a musician. She's also got an incredibly fit body, although one has to wonder how much of that is naturally hers. You know the rack isn't.

Fergie has the substance to back up her style, unlike Blohan, who has had to resort to taking off her clothes for free to stay in the spotlight. Her acting career is all but non-existent, and her singing career is headed the same way. I'm not sure what else she has left to sell that's legal, but I hope she thinks of something soon. She's got a few years to kill before she reaches retirement age.