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Jon And Kate Spoiler: Divorce Papers Filed Today. How Long Till She Moves To Hollywood? 22.Jun.2009

Buy my book bitches!This is the big non-announcement, that they're filing for divorce? Yeah, like we didn't see that coming.

Maybe it's for the best. Kate wants to take her hedgehog mullet and newly-tucked tummy on the road, touring in support of her new book and campaigning for a talk show ... or Playboy spread, whichever comes first (pays more). Seriously, that hag's got stars in her eyes, and it's only a matter of time before she quietly dumps the kids on Jon and runs off with her agent, or bodyguard, or whatever.

Jon, for his part, has long professed his desire to go back to a non-public private life, and doesn't seem to miss the cameras much when they're not around. If Kate leaves and takes the cameras, there'll be nobody around to watch him chasing little 20-year-olds. He'd have the kids all to himself, too, and I don't think he'd mind that at all.