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I Knew There Was A Sex Tape In There Somewhere. John Edwards' Former Patsy Is Telling All 28.Jun.2009

That's what we'd like to know, JohnAnd apparently Andrew Young would be the one to know all there is to tell, considering he acted as messenger for Edwards and his mistress Rielle Hunter. Young even agreed to take the fall for Edwards, saying publicly that the baby was his, and even letting Rielle move in with him and his wife and kids.

Ah, but that was before the money dried up, and once Edwards couldn't afford to pay his patsy or his babymama the hush money he had been siphoning to them, the two little birds started to sing. Loudly.

Andrew Young has just been signed to St. Martin's Press to write a book about his Edwards ordeal. In his book proposal he promised to come clean about the whole mess, claiming that he even found a sex tape of the two, and that was when he gave up on Edwards, finally realizing that his hero was just a philandering piece of shit. Young's book should be an interesting read, and I'm glad Edwards is being exposed, but I still feel badly for his wife, Elizabeth. She doesn't deserve any of this.