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Is Winona Ryder Still A Klepto? Is It The Pills Again? 13.Dec.2008

Have you seen this bracelet? Pills? What pills? Oh, you mean the Xanax she allegedly overdosed on during her recent transatlantic flight from LAX to Heathrow. She was so out of it she collapsed twice and the flight was given priority landing. In other words, they couldn't wait to get her off the plane.

Everybody remembers Winona's shoplifting arrest and trial back in 2001. What most people don't remember, though, is that she was also busted with meds for which she had no prescription. Lots of them - 8 different painkillers - were found on her person. The DA recommended some kind of drug counseling, but she only received probation and community service.

Winona laid low for a while but has been working again the last couple of years. Turns out she may not have turned over any new leaves, though. Winona was loaned a Bulgari diamond ring and bracelet to wear for an event in Madrid. The following morning she left the hotel, allegedly leaving her borrowed goodies in her room, but when her sponsor went to collect them, the bracelet and ring - worth $125,000 - were gone. Has Winona returned to her five-finger discount ways? Or is she just a victim of circumstance?