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Yes, Nicole Richie Is Pregnant...wait, Didn't We Already Know That? 31.Jul.2007

Nicole Richie confirmed she is in fact pregnant during her much anticipated(? ) interview with Diane Sawyer. So yeah, didn't we know that?

I'm going to feign surprise...and then add that she is 4 months along. 4 months eh? That must be why she has looked so bloated lately, when she isn't hiding behind pillows that is. I thought it was that kidney bean she had eaten.

I know where to go to get my celebrity based "news" and gossip. Why Is Nicole Richie on "Good Morning America"? That show should be reserved for tasty cheesecake recipes and relationship advice.

ps:the interview will air Thursday and Friday on GMA, and Friday night on 20/20. So nice they had to air it twice!