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More Good Times! Wonky Airs Out Her Ass Flaps While Clubbing With New F-list Lover 06.Mar.2009

Man, look at the size of those FEETI still can't get over how Paris has come full circle in her love life. She started out with creeps and sleaze like Joe Francis, Rick Salomon and Nick Carter. Since then she has exposed thousands to her special gift that keeps giving but shows no sign of settling down. Her best hope was Benji, but even he got sick of her shit.

But with Doug Reinhardt Wonky has found a kindred soul. She dragged him to Japan recently, where he reportedly bought her a $50,000 dog. First of all, where does a no-name douche like that get 50 grand to blow on a dog, for a girl who has so many dogs she has to store them in closets? It doesn't make any sense, right?

To understand a bit more you have to know a little about Mr. Reinhardt. He's a Hills boy who was allegedly dating Lauren Conrad. Which means he's a big phony no-name douche (think Brody Jenner minus the name) - with bad taste in women. Most recently Doug was dating Amanda Bynes. Can you imagine the stimulating conversation they must have had over dinner? It just boggles the mind.

And so these two have found each other, one an aging celebutante whose peers have all shunned her and left her behind, and the other an opportunist with an optimistic immune system. Each is using the other for publicity, although Paris has gotta be getting a little panicky these days; she's turning into a spinster before our eyes and she's not even 30 yet.