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Everyone Thought It Would Be Greasy Bear Getting Popped For Drugs, But Gummi's Bigger And Slower 02.Mar.2008

Gummi rhymes with dummyDetails are still out, but this is not the bear everyone thought would get bagged. Jason Davis, aka Gummi Bear and brother of Brandon Davis, aka Greasy Bear, has long been better known for his prodigious girth and shocking resemblance to Perez Hilton. It was always Greasy who was rumored to be making a living as a supplier to the A-list after his grandmother cut off access to his trust fund.

Whatever the circumstances, Gummi was stopped by LAPD Friday night and arrested after cops found a controlled substance either on his person or in his vehicle. He was said to have spent the night in jail before his stepfather bailed him out the next day. There was no further information released, but this can't bode well for Jason, who may be best known for floundering on the beach in ill-fitting scuba wear.