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Heath Ledger Dies Young, Naked And Alone 22.Jan.2008

After a terrible, lonely year spent fighting his addictions, Heath Ledger was found unconscious and unresponsive in his Soho apartment this afternoon. Paramedics were unable to revive him. While most of us were unaware of how serious his problems were, close friends reportedly saw it coming. "Things were very dark," said one source, who added, "His one joy was Matilda."

Heath had reportedly been ill with pneumonia this week, but that doesn't explain the prescription and over-the-counter sleep aids that were found strewn all over his room.Heath and Matilda Heath had long been plagued by insomnia, especially when working on a film. The cops have said they don't suspect foul play; the general consensus is that it was an accidental overdose. His family insists he was not suicidal.

Heath's death has hit Hollywood hard. His ex-wife, Michelle Williams, is said to be devastated and is en route to New York tonight. Heath was working on the next Batman movie, in which he was set to play the Joker, but will probably be best remembered as Ennis in Brokeback Mountain. It's a sad end to a very promising career.