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Jessica Simpson Finally Has # 1 Film ... In Russia. поздравления, королева порно 28.Oct.2008

Ha ha! They can't understand me!For those who can't read Russian (myself included), that translates to "Congratulations, porn queen". See? Tony was wrong. Someone else does like her movies.

Major Movie Star, Jessica's supposedly pathetic take-off of Private Benjamin was never released in America - or any other English-speaking country, for that matter. It had only one showing, in her home state of Texas - and she had to pay the moviegoers who did come. No matter who Papa Joe promised "special time with Jessica" to, he couldn't get that movie off the ground. Hell, a squad of F-15s couldn't get that turkey to fly.

But Papa Joe needed to make something out of the deal. With Ashlee pregnant and Jessica chasing the Romo he was running out of cash, so he sold the distribution rights overseas. With Jessica's lifeless performance dubbed by more lively foreign voices, the film has apparently taken a life of its own, and it's actually # 1 in Russia this week. If you think about it, it's actually not a bad move from Papa. American stars who work in Russia make huge fees for little or nothing. All they have to do is keep her away from that wicked Russian vodka.