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Mickey Rourke Kissed Barbara Walters But Would Rather Do A Big Hairy Gorilla Than Courtney Love 13.Feb.2009

Mickey gives Barbara a special ViewBurn! I guess all those rumors about these two bumping cosmetic procedures in London were greatly exaggerated. I didn't realize that Mickey was so picky, but the Comeback Kid thinks that bitch is icky.

Today a pap asked Mickey if there was any truth to the rumors about him and Courtney getting it on. Mickey wasn't amused, and left no doubt about his feelings for the dirty slag with the overstuffed pill bag: "I'd rather be on a deserted island with a gorilla."

Could it be that Courtney's leaks to the tabloids were just wishful thinking on her part? Or did Mickey get him some of that only to find it curdled his manhood? Tough to say, but I really don't think he'd stoop that low. Since The Wrestler hit theaters Mickey has enjoyed a renaissance, and is in demand as a lover as much as an actor. I'll admit it; as banged up as he looks, there's something hot about him. I'd hit it if he'd just keep the lights down low.