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Bahamas Jury Rules Daniel Smith's Death Accidental, Just Like Anna's. None Of This Makes Sense 31.Mar.2008

Barely had time to dryBoy, if I was Larry Birkhead I'd be pretty nervous right now. Larry's the only thing that stands between Howard and his rightful inheritance ... I mean, retirement plan ... I mean, favorite pirate.

OK, maybe Howard didn't actually administer fatal doses of heavy duty narcotics to Anna or her son, but we all know Anna really wasn't able to care for herself in her final days; how could she have finagled multiple prescriptions from multiple providers and kept it all straight? She couldn't even say her own name half the time. She was depressed, worried about the future, and cataclysmically addicted to the drugs she was taking.

There are conflicting reports about Daniel: some say he was clean, others say he was deeply depressed and that Anna had caught him stealing her methadone. If Howard wanted to get rid of Daniel, it wouldn't have been difficult to up his dosage when he was in a defenseless stupor. They all must have been in a stupor to not notice Daniel was dead in the room with them for 12 hours. I've said it before, I'll say it again: Nothing makes sense here. Someone knows something, and someone got away with murder, or at the least, abetting suicide.