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Sevin Nyne Is Really Mine, Said Jennifer Sunday On Tuesday 07.Jul.2009

Ya mean I gotta give it all back? !? Why, this doesn't surprise me a bit. Someone needs to clue her in on the whole intellectual property thing. Besides, if Lindsay was really the creator of Sevin Nyne, it would be bright orange.

You'd almost have to feel sorry for her, too, if she wasn't such an absolute shit. But she is, and she's got yet another lawsuit on her hands, this time over the only moneymaker she's got right now. Lohan is being sued by Jennifer Sunday, who claims to be the real creator of Lindsay's "sunless secret". She says Lindsay's partner, Lorit Simon, had worked with her on creating the product, even signing a confidentiality agreement. But when the mad scientists fell out over price, Lorit bailed and hooked up with the Blohan.

And now Miss Sunday is hitting the crackie where it hurts - the wallet. Said her lawyer, "We are certainly looking for the profits that are being generated right now from that product, ... my client is entitled to those proceeds." Jeez, what's the matter with some people? Do they think Adderall grows on trees?