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Amy Winehouse To Reunite With Blaaaake Monday. Will She Bring Him A Special Package? 16.Nov.2008

Blaaaaaaaaaaake!! I'm coming, luv!He sure wants her to. According to The Sun, Blake sent Amy a secret text from a borrowed cell phone while hiding in the potty, begging her to bring him some of that crack. Doesn't he know she has sharing issues? A true crackie never shares her stash. Or her cotton candy.

Yes, Blake Incarcerated is now Blake Rehab Boy, but the fractured couple have yet to see each other, since he's not allowed any visitors until after the initial detox period. That period ends Monday, and Amy is said to be excited to see him. She looks terribly excited, doesn't she? If she gets any more excited she might spontaneously combust. All that crackly hair and scabby skin all over the place ... BRRR.

Further complicating matters is the bill for Blake's little enforced hiatus, said to be about $30,000. They say Amy is refusing to pay; does this spell the end for the doomed couple? We can only hope.