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Ryan And Redmond O'neal Get A Reprieve, Will Face Music In January 15.Nov.2008

Home for ChristmasI guess this means Farrah won't be alone for the holidays. Speaking of, she was allegedly home at the time of the probation raid and subsequent bust. How heartbreaking for her all this must be.

Attorneys for the O'Neals were granted a continuance to "examine more closely new evidence brought forth by the prosecution". There's no word on what that new evidence might be, but judging from the looks on Ryan and Redmond's faces, it wasn't good news. Redmond, for his part, appears to be trying to keep it together. He was praised for completing his court-ordered two-week program.

Ryan, on the other hand, seems to be up to his old wheelin' and dealin' ways. After first denying he was in possession of any drugs (and denying any drug use at all), his story now is that he was hiding the meth from Redmond to keep him clean. Then why didn't he just flush it? Because he's a druggie. It's no coincidence that all of his children have or have had substance abuse problems. He should be headed to rehab, too - and not the same one his son is in. He'll corrupt him again in a heartbeat.