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Britney Reunited With Her Sons Today Under Watchful Eyes Of Her Father And Therapist (not The Same Person) 23.Feb.2008

That's OK, Mom. We'll drive.According to TMZ (aka Britney-by-the-minute), Britney had her first visitation with Sean and Jayden in almost two months today. I hope that it went well. Two days is a long time for kids that age; two months is like forever.

Credit for pulling this together goes in large part to Jamie Spears, whose old school lockdown style and calming influence has impressed both sides of the custody dispute. I'm sure that Papa Federline was more eager than ever to work something out - he's probably in desperate need of a break. Sometimes stepping outside to smoke a blunt just isn't enough. He also wants to be able to have noisy sex again.

I think that being able to see her sons again will go a long way toward helping Britney to accept that she needs to change her ways. She's still walking around like a preschooler in a snit most days, and her recent taco flashing is just another act of defiance against a strict parent, but it's a lot better than making rutting noises in a public dressing room and talking in phony accents. I don't think she's ready for more than supervised visitation, and may not be for some time, if ever, but it's a step in the right direction.