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I Guess Tiger's Wife Didn't Take The Cheating News So Well, Beats Him With His Own Club 27.Nov.2009

The WoodsesWell, maybe it didn't happen just that way, but it certainly sounds plausible. Tiger Woods has been dogged this week by The National Enquirer's story about his alleged affair with a brutally ambitious homewrecker. Maybe his gorgeous wife, Elin, chose to do a little shopping and saw the tabloids. Maybe she looked at his phone records and found suspicious activity (he and the slut were supposedly "sexting" frequently). Or maybe she just got pissed because he left the seat up again.

Whatever the reason, the couple apparently had a big argument early this morning that caused Tiger to jump into his brand new Cadillac SUV (what? no Buick Rendezvous? ) and flee the property, only to hit a fire hydrant and then a tree when trying to turn onto the street. Tiger had to be taken to the hospital for facial lacerations and was treated and released. His wife reportedly smashed out the window of his car with a golf club - to help him escape. Um, he wasn't even going fast enough to trigger the airbags, but he was somehow trapped in the wreckage? Something ain't right here.

The initial police report said that the accident was under investigation and charges were pending. Then they said alcohol was not a factor. So what charges could there be? Did a furious wife assault her cheating husband? Did a drunken cheater crash his car when he tried to run from his angry wife? Or is this just the case of a happily married man stepping out for a bit of air and stepping into a world of shit? Stay tuned, folks. This one could get interesting.