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Marion Jones Gets Six Months, More Time Than Paris, Blohan, Nicole, Kiefer ... Even Marion Berry Served Less Time 11.Jan.2008

DisgracedAnd he was caught on film in a hotel room smoking crack with a prostitute while still mayor of Washington, DC. (He was even re-elected after serving his time.) What about all the other athletes who used steroids and growth hormone, then lied about it under oath?

Marion Jones' fall from grace has been exceptionally public and exceptionally painful for this mother of young children. Surely they can pick someone else to make an example of, someone who isn't still nursing an infant.

Yes, Marion lied under oath. Repeatedly. Then she swore she thought her coach was giving her flaxseed oil, only realizing she had been doped when she stopped taking it and her performance dropped off. Her six-month sentence is for two counts of obstruction of justice: in addition to lying about the steroids, she also lied about her husband, runner Tim Montgomery's bad-check passing scam.

It's a sad ending to a spectacular Olympic champion's career. Marion has returned the gold medals she won in Sydney since admitting her guilt, and can hopefully put this all behind her someday.