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The Lohan Chronicles: Nuzzling Sean Penn While The Leggings Sell Themselves 08.Dec.2008

According to the store's publicist they're "blowing off the shelves", despite the fact that they run from about $40 to $130 or more. Of course Lindsay's publicist would have known better than to use the term "blow" anywhere near the Blohan, but the store's peeps could care less.

Maybe Lindsay's luck is taking a turn for the better. And maybe she's taking a break from her little lady man, because according to Fox News' Roger Friedman, Lindsay made a beeline for Milk star Sean Penn at a recent event and the pair was spotted "nuzzling" before they cut out for an after-party together. Yes, Sean is still married (barely) to Robin Wright, but that hasn't slowed him down any. He's used to multiple partners, but she's got enough personalities to fill the void. And then some.

And what will Sam do? Sleep late. Shave less. Save on special deliveries. In short, get her life back on track after a couple of years on the crazy train. Maybe she can find someone else with the same box office draw but none of the baggage. I hear Lily Allen's free ... and sober.