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Is Jessica Simpson Really Pregnant Or Just Drinking Too Much Vitamin Beer? 27.Aug.2008

What's goin' on under that shirt? It's not actually called vitamin beer; the name is Stampede Light Plus. In return for her endorsement, she will receive a 15% stake in the company. Guess she's not as dumb as she looks.

Jessica was photographed Monday looking a bit round in the tum-tum. Maybe all that beer is catching up to her and she's growing a gut. Maybe the wind blew up under her shirt, and she's laughing because she knows how it will look. Maybe she had enchiladas for lunch again.

Or maybe ... just maybe ... Jess is finally pregnant? I wasn't aware she was actually trying, and I find it hard to believe she could keep that under wraps. She's such a blabbermouth. Then again, since Tony agreed to come back to Jess, she and her father have stopped feeding the tabloids. I think she really does care for Tony and convinced her father to mind his neck. I'm glad, for her sake, that he listened. If she is pregnant, he won't be able to restrain himself for long. Before you know it, he'll be releasing daily updates on due dates, gender and breast expansion rate. He would already be doing that to Ashlee but Pete threatened to tell more boy-kissing stories if he did.