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Miley Cyrus Getting Her Lols: The Real Reason Liam Dumped Her Trashy Ass 27.Aug.2010

I've got a cramp in my ...Man, this girl is like a bad rash the way she's all over the people she works with. Talk about oversexed. Usually I'd say her parents should do something about her inappropriately forward (read:slutty beyond her years) behavior, but she's supporting them so they won't say boo. She can run around with all her underage lady parts hanging out. She can move her boyfriends in and out at will, and go on romantic vacations with them - unsupervised, of course. 'Cause she's just bein' Miley and all.

E! Online just released this shot of Miley apparently thrusting her statutory growler at the co-star of her upcoming megahit (not), LOL, some dude named Adam Sevani. Adam doesn't look terribly receptive to Miley's advances, does he? Matter of fact, I'd say dude looks paralyzed. If he hits it he could go to jail; if he doesn't he could lose his job. I mean, c'mon. That doesn't look like the body language of a girl who's used to hearing no.

Ted Casablanca thinks that it was Liam who dumped Miley after seeing her hump, bump and grind on her co-worker(s), while Camp Cyrus claims it was Miley who did the dumping after he catted around. I think they're both chasing anything that looks remotely interesting, and it's probably a good idea to take a break. I'm not sure how old he is, but I'm sure Miley's parents would like to rake in at least a couple more mil before she completely alienates her fanbase. Cue the up and coming little sister!