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Britney Spears, Evil Stepmother? She'll Get No Sympathy From Down Under 09.Nov.2009

Ain't no more room left for no babiesThe incredible sperm machine that is K-Fed has reportedly struck again. According to reports, K-Fed's volleyball girl is pregnant. That will make five children this piece of trash has fathered. Will somebody please show him how to use a condom? !?

I've been off on bed rest trying to recoup from the swine flu, and thought I was feeling better until I saw this. Really, it makes me woozy just thinking about it. Does this mean that Britney will have to support this baby, too? She's already paying for the rest of his family - even Mama Federline is supposedly living on the Spears dole. But don't count K-Fed as a happy dad-to-be. He's reportedly less than pleased that he knocked up Victoria since he had no plans to marry her. Besides, if he's got another kid crawling around it might cut into his nightlife.

Also reportedly less than pleased is Britney, who some say is still hoping to get back together with Kevin (I find that hard to swallow). If I were her I'd be more worried about my job: Brit was booed off the stage in Australia last week, and hundreds of fans walked out on her show, demanding refunds because she was lip-synching. I guess Down Under they still expect singers to sing. Go figure.