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Eww. Dennis Rodman Is Smarter Than Mel Gibson. He Gets To Have His Cake And Be Eaten, Too 24.Nov.2010

Don't need no jacuzzi, manLike I said, Eww. Dennis Rodman may have been a talented basketball player; I don't follow the game so I wouldn't know. He seems to have gained far more fame (notoriety? ) being a playah, though, and I just don't get that. He's not an attractive man. He has a stomach-churning amount of piercings and tats. He dresses like a drag queen that's been huffing carpet cleaner for the better part of a year, and when he opens his mouth, it's usually offensive. But he never has a shortage of tail.

Case in point: Rodman called in to a Miami radio station to talk sports this morning but apparently had a problem with multi-tasking discreetly. Listeners were treated to the sounds of an obviously under-the-influence Rodman getting ... frisky with a female bed partner. After listening to a few minutes of Rodman moaning and "yeah, baby"-ing the radio hosts asked if things were OK. The pig nonchalantly announced, "She? s just sucking something. Sorry! I? m sorry about that. You said keep clean, right? ? No, assmeat, why would they want to do that when there might be some young kid listening?

Rodman's publicist issued some lame statement about Rodman's struggles with sobriety and how he was obviously f**ked up and should therefore not be held accountable for his actions. If he's never held accountable he'll never have a reason to get clean, and sooner or later someone's gonna get locked in a bathroom or something.