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Heather Locklear Will Not Be In The New Melrose Place Because They Think They Can't Afford Her 05.Apr.2009

Heather is MelroseGeez Louise, talk about penny wise, pound foolish. So she wants $100,000 per episode - that's nothing compared to what the show will make with her back at the helm.

These people are foolish to underestimate the power of the Locklear. She is gold to every show she graces with her presence. The problem may well be that the new show's target audience is too young to remember the first Melrose - whose ratings, incidentally, were in the basement until Heather was brought in to save it from extinction. Once Heather signed on it took off like a rocket, and the rest was history.

So why shouldn't they pay Heather what she wants? Do the producers really think Ashlee Simpson will save the day? Oh, please. Maybe if they let her lip-sync to Heather's voice they might have a chance. If Heather isn't on it, I ain't watchin', and I doubt I'm alone.