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Denise Richards Lies To The View, Misses Good Old Days Of Earning Her Money The Old-fashioned Way 22.May.2008

Is this flotsam or jetsam? Ooh, Denise. Whoopi is going to kick your ass. You told her you were only doing this tacky reality show so you could afford to feed your babies. Oh, poor, poor you. Not only are you a lousy liar, but you make people hate you so much you get slammed before you even open your mouth. So why don't you do us all a favor and keep it shut?

Denise is doing the promo rounds for her new reality show. In trying to elicit some sympathy from a lukewarm posse of interviewers Denise made the comment that she was doing the show because she simply had to in order to survive. Well, Camp Sheen didn't think much of that, and swung into high gear to retaliate. "Denise gets $52,000 a month tax-free in child support," a Sheen insider fumed. "Most people in America can figure out how to live on that, but Denise can't? " Denise didn't need to do this; it's totally unnecessary that she subject her daughters to media scrutiny, no matter how minimal. She gets a piece of "Two and a Half Men", so bitch isn't going to starve any time soon. I guess she just won't be that easy to get rid of.