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Lily Allen Went On 16-hour Valentine's Day Bender, Can Swallow Own Fist 17.Feb.2008

Lily before and after buckets o' boozeNot that one thing has to do with the other, but Lily is trying, and we have to give her props for that. For such a young girl, she's been through a lot lately. In the last month she's lost a baby and gotten dumped by her much older impregnator. You can hardly blame her for wanting to blow off some steam, and blow it off she did, for an impressive 16 hours. You know she had a big achey head the next day.

Lily's been a real trouper, forging on despite her personal setbacks. She debuted a new show on BBC3TV, but it was so dull that the audience, handpicked from her MySpace friends, started to leave halfway through the show. That's where the fist swallowing came in - she was desperate.

But don't shed a tear for sweet Lily - Sunday morning she was spotted doing the DSO (Dirty Stay-Outer) crawl from her ex's flat. It's a bit too soon medically speaking for a bootie call; perhaps the two have patched things up. Or maybe she was picking up some loose ends.