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The Passions Of The Gibson: Mel's Wife Calls It Quits After 28 Years Of Highballs And Sugartits 13.Apr.2009

Faithless manThey are a devoutly Catholic family with seven children, at least two of which have been rehabbed. She's put up with countless lonely nights, rumors of infidelity and a bottomless checkbook. The millions made it enough for her to turn the other cheek ... until now. What happened?

Mel is a notorious ladies man. He's never tried to hide it. Hell, why should he? The former Sexiest Man Alive was every woman's hot dream for years. Even now he's not so bad on the eyes, if you don't look too deeply into his. I fell in love with Mad Max at a drive-in during high school. And then there was his adorably batshit crazy Riggs in Lethal Weapon. He's done so many roles, and done them well. And then there was The Passion of the Christ, which kind of undid all that hotness. Nobody loves a zealot.

All those films, all those years, all were forgotten in 2006 when Gibson got popped for a DUI. His career has never really recovered, and as it turns out, his marriage didn't either. His wife, Robyn, is claiming good ol' irreconcilable differences and seeks half of his alleged $900 million fortune. She also wants alimony and child support for their youngest son. Back in March Mel was photographed embracing a young woman on the beach in Costa Rica. Perhaps that's what finally drove Robyn to file. Enough is enough, and she's cashing in before he pisses it all away on a younger model. You can hardly blame her - I'm surprised she lasted this long.