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Oh, That Amanda! The Real Reason Ashlee Simpson Was Fired From Melrose Place 30.Oct.2009

Haz you seed my hubsand? Ashlee must have forgotten her place, or maybe she's never watched the original Melrose Place. Otherwise, she'd know better than to f**k with Heather Locklear. She is a powerful woman and not about to put up with some D-list loser with dubious talents cracking on her age. Oh, no. Not having it.

Perez sez that Heather Locklear felt threatened by Ashlee's ... notoriety (I won't call it fame) and wanted her gone so it could be all about Amanda. As it was and as it should be, as far as I'm concerned. Still, I wonder if it was one of those "Either she goes, or I go!" ultimatum scenes. No matter how it came down, Ashlee was gone before she knew what hit her.

Ashlee's said to be in a tailspin over this latest failure. Her marriage is said to be rocky, she looks positively malnourished and she's got a bit of a drinking problem. Now that she doesn't have to starve herself to compete with those skinny Melrose girls she can start eating again.