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The Case Of The Broke-ass Bitch: Where In The World Is Producer Scott Storch? 21.Jul.2008

Not found at WalMart or Home DepotTalk about conspicuous consumption. But what do you expect from someone who hangs (hung) around with the likes of Brandon Davis and the Great Blohan when she was a-blowin'.

So desperate for companionship was Scott Storch that he bought Li'l Kim a Bentley. It was repoed last year. He had a $20 million yacht; he put it up for sale on E-bay for $900,000.

It gets worse for the once-arrogant producer: There are warrants out for non-payment of child support, and he owes more than half-a-million dollars in real estate taxes on his $10.5 million Florida mansion.

But Storch is nowhere to be found. Not that anyone is looking that hard, but still, he's just dropped out of sight. Is he working on a comeback? Bingeing out with Greasy Bear? Maybe he moved back into his parents' basement to escape the heat. I'm sure they're asking the same questions, but I guess if he locks the door and turns up the music really loud, it'll be just like the good ol' days, when he was a Somebody and people returned his calls. Poor little douche nozzle.