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Two And A Half Goddesses, If You Include The Tranny Sex. Sheen Gets Sacked, Vows Destruction Of Puny Foes 26.Feb.2011

DESTROY YOU ALLTranny sex? Yes, you read that right. According to one of the porn star/hookers who's cashing in on her recent stint with Charlie, the World's Richest Crackhead, it wasn't the mountains of blow or the fact that she was bunking with a well-documented domestic abuser. All that was fine; it was finding him watching tranny porn that did her in. All righty then.

Troublesome as that may seem, tranny porn is the least of Charlie's worries now that he's lost his pissing contest with his producer and CBS. After listening to a few days of Charlie claiming sobriety while ranting like a lunatic, the suits shut the whole thing down.

Brother better slow his roll: he's got a big nut to cover, what with the alimony and child support. He keeps partying like this and he'll be broker than broke quicker than shit. And nobody's looking to hire him, despite all his claims to the contrary. He's already being compared to the dreaded Lohan, and that's a career kiss of death if ever there were.