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Courtney Love Is A Dirty Pig Slut. I'll Never Wear Doc Martens Again. 23.May.2007

She doesn't do drugs anymore. (Some would say she doesn't do them any less, either, but I doubt it.) She sold off the rights to a bunch of his music last year because she said she was broke, but surely that can't be the case again already now.

This couldn't be something that Frances wanted. This could only be the working of a money-hungry, publicity-mad goblin hag. Are the makers of Doc Martens that desperate to be hot again? Didn't Kurt Cobain suffer enough? I'm so embarrassed

Courtney Love has always been a tacky, shameless bitch. I'll never forget her reading Kurt's suicide note to a concert audience just days after his body was found. Speaking of when his body was found, it wasn't right away. Where was his wife during his darkest hour?

I own every single Nirvana album, and still listen to them now and then. Cobain was a troubled visionary, and his death rocked me to the core. The other members of the band have gone on to continued success, but not Courtney Love. "Live Through This", the album she released after Kurt's death, was great and I still have it (my son refuses to listen to it though). "America's Sweetheart", though, was just flotsam. She's a parasite and a loser, and I hope Frances has someone watching her trust fund.