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Why, Miss Blohan, What Tiny Little Pupils You Have! It's All Crystal Clear Now 15.Nov.2008

Thinks no one can tellAnd clearer by the day. How could we miss the clues? Actually, we haven't, but apparently there are still some doubters out there.

Let's see, she's painfully thin - Don't let her mammoth boobies fool you. Everybody knows they aren't real.

She can't hold a job. Even the nice folks at Ugly Betty couldn't put up with her incessant drug use and diva antics.

And now she's fighting with Sam - everywhere, and about everything, although mostly about Lindsay's ex-lovers and Sam's new fans, who even throw their panties to Sam in the booth. Lindsay was so beside herself with jealousy she crawled under the table to cling to Sam's legs. How sad is that?

She can't go on like this forever. She's already blown through all her money, and Sam would be wise to limit Lindsay's access to hers. Besides, long-term meth use just makes people crazy. Expect a meltdown - in true Lohan excess - before the holidays, I'd say.