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Larry King's Wife Caught Screwing Son's Baseball Coach 07.Nov.2008

No, I did NOT taste a difference!Larry's 74. His (at least for now) wife is 48. And her alleged lover, Hector, is 29. That alone is just mind-numbing ... but it gets worse. You just can't make this shit up.

The errant wife is Larry's 7th wife. I think he's leasing them and has to be careful with the mileage. The wife, Shawn King, apparently had needs her husband couldn't meet, so she started shagging their son's baseball coach. Not content with an isolated transgression of passion, Shawn and Hector carried on their affair for a whole year without worrying about getting caught. They even had sex on the desk in Larry's home office.

There's no word on how Larry found out - maybe they left some kind of evidence on the desk, something sticky and smelly. Everyone at the club and in their community was probably aware of it. Hell, even the boy probably knew. The National Enquirer, who broke this story, says that King first learned of the affair when Hector's addiction to painkillers "deepened". Does that mean he threw Shawn under a bus for drug money?