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Brooke Hogan Thinks Her Mother Is Partying Too Much, Should Be With Younger Man 06.May.2009

I pee standing UP!Wow. This girl makes Jessica Simpson look like a Rhodes scholar. What a big, dumb bunny. The gift of self-mastication does run in that family.

Eager for whatever publicity she can eke out for her upcoming CD, Brooke sat down with OK! for a talk about her family, her sensible diet and her muscle mass, which she is proud to say is dimple-free.

She's less proud of her mother and the way she's carrying on with a 19-year-old druggie. She doesn't come right out and say her mom's doing drugs, but she makes a point of saying that she's different than her mother and is straitlaced.

Brooke says, "If he were 5 years old and a good influence on her then that would be better." Does she mean five years older? That would make him 24, still roughly half her age, but five years is a long time for giant Amazon trannies. It's like thirty dog years, and poor Brooke just can't count that high.