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Bobby Brown On Whitney: If I Can't Have You I'll Ruin You 11.Dec.2008

Bobby MontanaOr words to that effect. A couple of weeks ago odd little whispers were circulating about Bobby and Whitney reportedly reconciling. Just two days later this was strongly denied. FAIL!

Since Bobby Brown lost his beautiful and much more gifted wife (aka mealticket) he's had a rough time of it. Arrests for non-payment of child support, a near-death medical emergency that was immediately made non-existent and a feeble attempt at being a country star are just some of the things Bobby's had going on. Nothing's put him on easy street like life with Whitney did - not even close. A tell-all would put some cash in the bank and get back at her for all those times she thought she was better than him. Because she was. And still is. When he's not trashing his ex, Bobby relives his glory days as a coke fiend with a desktop full of blow like Scarface. He brags about locking himself in a room "for days at a time getting high." Blecch. Those Enquirer photos of Whitney's bathroom suddenly don't seem so far-fetched.

Whitney, for her part, seems to be doing well in limited public doses. She's got a hot younger boyfriend to keep her purring and a new album expected at some point. I hope somebody's taking care of Bobbi Kristina.