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Is Nicole Kidman Really Pregnant? That Doesn't Even Look Real! 15.Apr.2008

Suspicious lumpiness in the hip area I'm not the only one saying this. That doesn't make it any easier to contemplate. Nicole is supposed to be six months along now, and she's barely showing. I realize that she's like 8 feet tall and all, but that belly is tiny. And it's a bit off somehow.

Take a look at my teeny tiny yellow arrows in the picture. They point to a couple of weird looking bulges at Nicole's side. Was she expecting a couple rounds of flag football before the event? She looks padded. The shape of the belly is kind of weird, too, almost too round.

Of course, this could all be an illusion of the cut of her dress, and how it falls around her. It's just that every time I hear whispers about Nicole I think about the blind item I read a few months back about a movie star who miscarried and was recruiting an adoptee to take its place. That's just too desperate and creepy though ... isn't it?