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Mischa Barton Finally Gets The Cover She Deserves. Don't Believe A Word She Says 03.Aug.2008

She can SO relateThis is a cover she is well-qualified to represent. She should have a PhD in things narcotic (although her foray into hallucinogenics last summer didn't go so well). And it certainly looks like she did her homework before the shoot. I hope they brought munchies.

The one-hit wonder can still land a magazine cover here and there, but only because she'll take all her clothes off - they can always airbrush the cottage cheese off the thighs. In the meantime she's happy to let everyone gawk at her from all angles, but especially from below. That's her absolute favorite. Don't let her bodyguards fool you. And don't let Mischa fool you when she says she's sober and has learned a lesson about drunk driving. We'll see what happens when the paps stop returning her calls.

That might be sooner than she thinks. If another steady gig doesn't come in soon she might have to get a real job. It's either that or curb her weed intake, and she can't do that because then no one will want to be her friend. They can barely stand her as it is.