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Did Jaime Pressly Really Pee On The Sidewalk In Broad Daylight? 13.Aug.2009

A true tinkle, or simply a mirage? I really don't think so. If you look closely at the stills, the liquid beneath her looks pretty clear and not so piss-yellow. Still, the rumors about Jaime's heavy drinking make you stop and wonder: Could she have been so ossified that she just squatted on the sidewalk and peed in broad daylight? And if so, how did she do it in stiletto heels, while talking on the phone, without falling into her own puddle? It just doesn't make sense.

Perez Hilton was first to break the story, complete with close-up and video. It does look like a put-on. If Jaime was drunk enough to pee on Robertson in the afternoon she would be a mess, and she doesn't look that trashed. I've heard that where she was hanging out has a really long bathroom line and I know sometimes it's really hard to hold it when you're drunk, but it just looks hinky.

Jaime was quick to deny everything via Twitter, claiming it was a dare for her bridal shower. Really? What kind of person dares her friend to "pretend to pee" on a busy LA street? And why? What does it prove? Would she have used the same excuse if she got popped doing lines in the bathroom, or cutting out without covering the check? Sounds like one helluva bridal shower.