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Fraidy Cat Tony Romo Alerts Security To Bar Jessica From His House: Such. A. Douche. 27.Jul.2009

This is the face of DOUCHEYeah, big tough football player. You gotta hide behind your little gate and post your little warning ... why? Because you ditched her at an IHOP in the middle of nowhere? You should be afraid. If that was me I'd be kicking your door in and pounding the snot out of you.

Just when you thought Tony Romo couldn't be more of a weaselface douchetard he ups the ante. Us Weekly is reporting that Romo hung a big sign at the gate to his community that read: "RED ALERT!!! TONY ROMO HAS MADE SOME CHANGES TO HIS LIST OF PEOPLE ALLOWED IN....JESSICA IS NO LONGER ON THE LIST AND NOT APPROVED FOR ACCESS."

Don't flatter yourself, asshead. Jessica isn't missing you a bit. She even paid $19,000 to ship all her stuff overnight to LA just so she wouldn't have to look at your sorry ass again. She's not going to let this get her down; she's hitting the gym and getting out with the girls. She may not be the brightest bulb in the marquee but she's still beautiful and only 29. She'll find someone ... someday. She really needs to set her sights a bit higher, though.