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Beyonce Reveals The Secret Of Her Boobilicious Cleavage - Unintentionally 14.Jan.2009

Stunning necklace, thoughAh, Beyonce. Such a fashion diva, that Miss B (or Mrs. Jay-Z, depending on the circumstances). She usually looks like a million bucks, and did at the Golden Globes, until you took a closer look.

I caught a glimpse of Beyonce's boobie tape while watching the Brangelina snubbing Seacrest video the other day. I had to play it back a couple of times. What was on the side of Beyonce's ridiculously smooshed and overstuffed breast? Oh, dear, I thought. I hope she didn't forget to shave again.

Then I caught this shot, and it all became clear. She's trussed up like a mattress set on top of a station wagon, hanging over the top and sides but not about to go anywhere. I know people do this all the time, but I've never taped my boobs. Ever. Doesn't that hurt like hell to take off? It's like she gets her chest waxed every time she goes strapless. Egads. I guess it's one less spot to shave.