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Amy Winehouse Cancels Tour. It Was Getting In The Way Of Her Drug Habit. 27.Nov.2007

Soup sandwichA person has to have priorities, right? And while Blake is incarcerated Amy has pledged to do his share of the drugs, too. I'm sure she'll be thinking of him.

In a move that surprised no one, Amy announced today that she's canceling the remaining nine shows in her European tour. Good thing, that. She undoubtedly would have ended up in the hoosegow again. She's got shit falling out of her bra, falling out of her nose, making nests in her hair. In the release, Amy's peeps said she's taking this time to deal with health concerns. Afterwards, she was seen entering a clinic. According to Crazy Days and Nights, the doctors at this clinic have several specialties: breast enhancement, cancer screening, liver problems and the good ol' OB-GYN - that's baby doctor to all you non-breeders out there. Quite a plethora of possibilities there, eh?

I hope to God somebody gets that poor girl into rehab. Without her husband around and with no tour to f**k up, she'll have way too much time on her hands ... which can be deadly for a junkie.