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Beyonce's Parents Admit Their Split, Deny The Why 23.Dec.2009

Mama Knowles: NOT a happy camperAnd rightfully so, it appears. I wouldn't mess with Tina Knowles. She's got the look of deep down crazy in her eyes, even when she smiles. Especially when she smiles. But not everybody feels the same way.

Her husband, for example. Matthew Knowles is currently the subject of a paternity suit; the baby is due early next year. Yet the couple just happened to "amicably" file for divorce, but plan to remain business partners. Ooh, I bet that'll be a cozy office.

There's no word on how Beyonce feels about her father's alleged transgression that led to insemination and litigation, but I'm sure she's not pleased. Mama might make her start wearing her "creations" (read: ugliest f**king dresses you've ever seen) again.