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Not Everybody Likes Ghost Whisperer: Jennifer Love Hewitt Flayed By Us Weekly 21.Jan.2009

Those can't be real and that can't be comfortableWow. What did she do to Janice Min? I'm not a big fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt - she's too whiny and strikes me as being super high maintenance. Apparently she has the same effect on her co-workers, because they were only too happy to dish some mad dirt on their star.

According to this week's Us Weekly, Jennifer has become unengaged (disengaged just sounds too graphic) from her ever-patient guy, Ross McCall. It's not what you think; he didn't finally run away screaming. No, they say she's the one who broke it off because he wouldn't call her every five minutes and tell her he loves her. Now that she's a big star she doesn't have to put up with that shit. Way to go. Spinster.

If that weren't bad enough, Us also brings up an even touchier subject for her: the weight. Remember, she's the one who insists she's a size 2. God help the wardrobe assistant who brings her a 2 that doesn't fit. It's the garment that's defective, not the extra fries she scoffed down at lunchtime. Sources say she's closer to a 6 than a 2, which means she's not an anorexic bag of bones. Somebody should tell her skinnier doesn't mean prettier. Omigod, I'm doing it, too! I should feel bad, but it's too much fun to hate on her.