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Get A Job, Dirtbag! Ryan O'neal Left Out Of Farrah's Will - On Purpose 26.Jul.2009

Told you she loved me moreSee? She knew he was a piece of shit. No matter how hard he tried to marry her before she died, Farrah refused. She knew better. And she knew her son, Redmond, would need all the help she could provide to get clean, even after she was gone.

Britain's Daily Mail broke the story this morning of Farrah's estate. She left everything to Redmond, but in trust, so that he would be looked after. That mysterious inside source told the Mail, "Farrah appointed two trustees to make sure the money supports her son? s journey into sobriety rather than giving him the means to destroy himself. Redmond? s inheritance will be tightly controlled."

So Redmond has a fighting chance to get his life together, while his father ... will soon be peddling everything from their bed linens to locks of Farrah's hair, probably on E-bay, if he can't find a better buyer. I hope he never gets an honest day's work again. And I hope Farrah never knew he was banging her "best friend" right in the next room as she lay dying. Like I said, piece of shit.